12 Days 10 Nights “Umrah Peduli Jemaah”

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12 Days 10 Nights
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DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).
DEPARTURE TIME Subject to tour agent confirmation.
Tickets for economy class flights go back and forth.
Accomodation for 6 nights in Mecca and 4 nights in Medina.
Room depends on the package you choose.
Tour in Medina and Mecca.
Tazkirah and spiritual filling in Medina and Mecca.
Mutawif or tour leader throughout the program.
Experienced special duties staff are provided in Medina and Mecca.
Bus transportation throughout the program..
Air zam zam (5 liters) for every congregation (adult only) .
Free gifts (excluding baby), cargo bags (24 inches), cabin bags (20 inches), shoes bag & sandbag.
Free gifts (excluding baby), mini telekung (for women), ihram cloth (for man), bottle of wool, guidebook and air zam-zam. Access the receiver aids throughout the program.
Visa Umrah.
Travel insurance (individual).
Food at “RnR” during a Mecca trip to Medina or Medina to Mecca.
Snacks during pilgrimage.
Additional visa fees.
Charge excess baggage or baggage replacement.
Loss of personal belongings/items at any location during travel or related.
Domestic flight tickets as well as airport tax or related..
Personal and other expenses not stated.
Additional visits as specified.
Tipping/porter at the airport or hotel.
Taif tours.
01/01/2020 – 31/01/2020

Additional Note :

  1. Hotel accomodation @ equivalent – Makkah (Sarayaiman) (FB) & Madinah (Al Salhya) (FB).
  2. All price changes and package changes are subject to the terms and conditions.
  3. Package period : 1 January – 31 January 2020.
  4. The price range is for a 4 person per room. For 2 & 3 person stays, the prices are different.


Day 01: Kuala Lumpur - Medina

Depart to Medina from KLIA. Upon arrive in Medina, take a bus to your hotel and check in.


Day 02 : Madinah

Rest & free activities.
Visit Raudhah.


Day 03 : Medina

Rehlah Mahabbah. Some of the places to visit :

  1. Saqifah Bani Saadah.
  2. Muzium Nabi Muhammad SAW.
  3. Muzium Asma Al Husna.
  4. Muzium Al Quran.
  5. Masjid Saidina Abu Bakar.
  6. Masjid Saidina Ali.
  7. Masjid Al Ghamamah.
  8. Maqam Nabi Muhammad SAW.
  9. Maqam Saidina Abu Bakar.
  10. Maqam Saidina Umar.
  11. Perkuburan Bagi' Al Gharqah.


Day 04 : Madinah

Outside activities around Medina. Some of the places to visit :

  1. Masjid Quba.
  2. Jabal Uhud.
  3. Masjid Qiblatain.
  4. Masjid Tujuh.
  5. Pasar Kurma.


Day 05 : Medina - Mecca

Last day in Medina. Visit Wadah - will visit Maqam Rasullulah S.A.W. , intending to perform umram umrah at Bir Ali Mosque, then depart to Mecca to perform Umrah worship.


Day 06 : Mekah

Rest and free activities.


Day 07 : Mecca - Medina

Outside activities and Umrah Ji'ranah.

Some of the places to visit :

  1. Jabal Thur.
  2. Arafah.
  3. Jabal Rahmah.
  4. Muzdhalifah.
  5. Mina.
  6. Jamrah.
  7. Masjid Ja'ranah.


Day 08 : Mecca

Rest and free activities


Day 09 : Mecca

Outside activities and Umrah Hudaibiyah.

Some of the places to visit :

  1. Haramain museum.
  2. Camel farm.
  3. Miqat Umrah at Hudaibiah.


Day 10 : Mecca

Rehlah Mahabbah.

Soem of the places to visit :

  1. House of the birthplace of Rasullulah SAW.
  2. Saidina Abu Bakar's house.
  3. Saidatina Khatijah's house.
  4. Jabal Abu Qubais.
  5. Jabal Qainagaan.
  6. Kaabah.
  7. Zam-Zam well.


Day 11 : Mecca

Last day in Mecca.

Perform Tawaf Wada'

Take a bus to Jeddah International Airport for a flight to Kuala Lumpur International Airport.


Day 12: Kuala Lumpur (KLIA)

The pilgrims arrived safely at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.


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